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Glen Davis, founder and president of Legend Seeds, recognizes that any company as a whole is only as good as the sum of its parts. This is why so much value is placed on our people, products, and promises; and why the vision that originated at the Davis' kitchen table some twenty years ago has grown into what Legend Seeds is today; the largest independent seed company in the Midwest.

Our people the staff, suppliers, dealers and customers with whom we've built relationships are at the heart of this growth and of each success Legend has experienced over the years. We continue to cultivate these relationships, from Montana to Lake Michigan, around kitchen tables, in combines and now on Facebook. Collectively, we are a group in a state of perpetual growth and change, but there are some core values and a passion for success in agriculture that you'll find in all of us.

Our products are tested, selected and grown in the regions where they're offered. The fact that we are an independent company allows us to choose genetics from all of the major seed developers, plant breeders and trait-providers to create a line-up of unique products specifically tailored for our growers' areas and conditions. Seed is our sole business and our fundamental goal is providing the top genetics and newest traits in the industry.

Our promise to our customers is that you can trust our people and products to work for you, to help you build your bottom line. It's our job to know our seed and where it performs and it's our privelage to offer it to you, to work with you, and to help you experience what we call The Legend Advantage.

103 US Hwy 14 E
PO Box 241
De Smet, SD 57231

Phone: 800-678-3346

Phone: 605-854-3346

Fax: 605-854-3135


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Legend Seeds

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