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De Smet School District

De Smet School District 38-2 is located in De Smet, SD at the intersection of Highway 14 & 25. De Smet is a progressive community of 1,200 people that hosts the County Seat. With over 300 students in grades K-12, we provide many of the same opportunities as larger schools while remianing true to our small town values.

Average Academic Class Size: K-6 (20) 7-12 (24)

  • AdvancedEd Accredied School
  • Wide range of Academic and Extra Curricular Programs

The Misson of the De Smet School District is to develop the potential of all students by helping them acquire the knowledge, skills and character traits necessary to become lifelong learners and contributing citizens in a changing society.

The vision of the De Smet School District is to be a community of learners who will:

  • Encourage individual creativity
  • Take responsibility for their own learning and actions
  • Provide a positive learning environment that is safe and secure
  • Show respect for themselves and others
  • Make decicions based on the needs of the students as the students acquire knowledge and skills

De Smet School District
405 3rd Street | 605-854-3176
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De Smet High/Middle School LIW Elementary

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