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Did you know...

...that the windows that are in the Trump Tower in Chicago and the JL Towers in Anchorage Alaska were made in De Smet by CMI Inc.? in the US embassies in Somalia & Hanoi Vietnam have tags on them from DeSCo Architectural, De Smet SD?

...a huge number of diabetics across the US & Canada depend on brush pin needles made in De Smet by UltiMed?

...when you stop at a stop sign or the large 4 lane interstate signs, they were probably made in De Smet by Lyle Signs?

...that if you are sitting at a slot machine in Aruba, the base of that machine might have come from American Engineered Products in De Smet?

...that on the boat, skid steer or piece of equipment you are running, the wire harnesses were all bundled to specifications by Sheyenne Dakota in De Smet?

...that a group of students from the De Smet Middle School entered a video contest called “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” They created a video showing the manufacturing processes and interviewed the employees at DeSCo Architectural regarding the different jobs available in manufacturing.

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DeSCo Architectural

  • Manufacturers custom aluminum windows
  • Established in 1970 in De Smet
  • Local entrepreneur ownership
  • Employs 27 full-time personnel
  • National distribution

O’Keefe Implement

  • Sell new & used farm equipment & vehicles
  • Established in 1916 in Yale
  • Family owned and operated business

De Smet Farm Mutual Insurance Co. of South Dakota

  • Property & Casualty Company - Home, Farm & Auto
  • Established in 1916, the Company formed by South Dakotans to serve South Dakota from South Dakota
  • Employs 50 local residents and 150 statewide agents

Lyle Signs

  • Manufactures & sells any size signage globally
  • De Smet’s largest employer
  • Moved from Lyle, MN to De Smet in 1974
  • 3rd generation ownership
  • Employs 90 in multiple shifts in two locations


  • Medical Device manufacturer
  • Headquartered in St Paul MN
  • De Smet manufacturer since 2001
  • 1 of only 3 syringe manufacturers in the US
  • Employs 70 employees in multiple shifts
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Expanded their building & operations, completed in 2014

Legend Seeds

  • Established in De Smet in 1990
  • Local entrepreneur creation & ownership
  • 5 employees in all locations, 35 in De Smet headquarters
  • Largest independently owned seed company in the Midwest
  • Licensed from all major genetic developers


  • Manufacturers Custom Doors & Windows
  • Established in De Smet in 1993
  • Local Ownership
  • Employs 38 Full-time personnel
  • Recently expanded operations with new facility
  • National Distribution

Freedom Manufacturing

  • Specialize in custom design and manufacturing of oil service equipment
  • Give training for their product’s operators
  • Moving headquarters from Carrollton, TX to De Smet

American Engineered Products

  • Manufacturers and sells flag poles and casino machine bases
  • Moved business from MN to De Smet in 2012
  • Employs 26 full-time personnel
  • International distribution

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Make plans to attend this years Laura Ingalls Wilder Pageant!

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